Sony A6500 Review

Sony A6500 Review

Our Sony A6500 Review and Why We Like it

Searching for the best type of camera that would give you clear and detailed photos? The search is over as this Sony a6500 review will demonstrate, so be happy this camera has already been made available in the market. This is one of the commonly chosen cameras offered by Sony because of the features and benefits that this camera offers.

Product Description

This Sony a6500 has 24.2 MP exmor CMOS sensors with one of the quickest AF speed and highest phase detection numbers of AF points. The camera has five axis optical images stabilization for the lens. It has also enhanced features of AF as well as immediate and intuitive type of touchscreens AF operations. 4k movie recordings and professional video of this camera include 2.4x oversampling at full pixel readouts without any pixels binning, gamma assists and a lot more.

Product Features

This camera is commonly chosen because of the high quality features that it possesses. Here are the lists of some of the best features of this mid entry level camera and they are as follows:

  • Five axis body stabilization image that steadies for every camera lens.
  • 11fps of continuous shooting for up to 269 frames at about 24.3 MP with AF/ AE tracking.
  • 2 MP and APS-C sensors with well-advanced processing for almost 51,200 ISO.
  • 4k movie with 2.4 oversampling, no pixel binning and complete pixel readout.

With these high quality features, you’re already given a hint that this Sony a6500 is worth as an investment. The a6500 is superb as a landscape photography camera or pet photography camera.


Apart from the high quality features of this Sony a6500, you may also be amazed knowing that this camera offers huge numbers of benefits and here are some of them:

  • Big Buffer – This feature of Sony a6500 gives you the chance to review some of your shoots or continue shooting while the camera itself will be writing into the card.
  • Lightweight – You’re assured that carrying this camera wherever you go is not a stressful thing to do since it’s very lightweight. Great for exercising as a photographer.
  • Easy to Use – You need not to be professional in using this camera since this can be easily and simply used.
  • Excellent Video and Image Quality – If you’re in need to capture excellent video and image quality, then this Sony a6500 is best for you. This is one of the best cameras in Sony that can respond to excellent quality of taken photos and videos you’ve always wanted.
  • Tough Construction – You need not to change your Sony a6500 every now and then because it is completely built at tough and durable construction just like the Sony 7r ii. This is just a manifestation that it can completely stand the test of time.

With the huge numbers of benefits that this Sony a6500 offers, it’s not surprising to know that more and more people are showing their great interest to purchase this camera brand over the other.


Despite of the huge numbers of benefits that this Sony a6500 offers, there are still some flaws or drawbacks that this camera offers and this includes the expensive price of the camera. This camera is offered at a bit expensive price because of the more advanced features it possesses. Thus, if you want to have this item, then learn to save money as early as now.For a best vlogging camera see this list of top vlogging cameras right now.

It doesn’t come with a tripod, so be sure to check out our article on the best tripod reviews here.

Final Verdict of Our Sony A6500 Review

If you are searching for the best type of camera that would give you excellent video and image quality, then don’t miss the chance to choose Sony a6500. Every penny that you’re going to spent purchasing this camera will be all worth it as it will give you excellent image and videos at the end.

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