Best DSLR Cameras

Best DSLR Cameras: Entry Level Cameras for Beginners

Looking for the best DSLR Camera for making photos and high quality videos ?

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Either you do casual or professional photography you might need a best DSLR camera.Again either you are a beginner, entery-level or expert you need a digital camera according to your requirements and you might be shifting from point-and-shoot cameras towards digital camera.Most of the time for professional work DSLR cameras are used.You can do good photography with point-and-shoot camera but DSLR offers number of features like interchangeable lens, manual control,better image quality and bigger sensors.

You might be thinking how would you find that best dslr for yourself. We have done that hard work for you and crafted a list of best dslr cameras to help you pick the best budget , affordable and best qualty digital camera for your work.See this comparison list of best brands available in the market.

Featured DSLR Cameras

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1) Nikon D5600

This modern looking and feature-rich camera has DX-format CMOS sensor which allows great 24.2 megapixel photos and offers full HD 1080p video at 60 frames per second.It also has 3x optical zoom which helps taking challenging photos and has the ability to shoot upto 5 frames per second.You can use Snapbridge app for connectivity of your camera with your phone or tablet directly to share photos.

The difference between this model and the other DSLR cameras is it’s 3.2-inch multi-angle touch LCD screen which gives the feeling of a smartphone screen allowing pinch,zoom and set focus through your fingers.Similarly it’s best for taking great selfies because you can point the screen in the same direction of the lens.

2) Nikon D3400 – Best Budget

Unlike it’s predecessor Nikon 3300, the new and latest Nikon D3400 comes with lots of improved features in original way like better battery life, best image quality and slightly lighter camera body.

Still it has the same 24.2-megapixel count like it’s predecessor and the same APS-C sensor but the batter life is increased considerably.Similarly the addition of SnapBridge photo transfer system allows you to transfer photos through Bouetooth from camera to smartphone through wifi.Similarly the video quality has increased to 1080p at 60 frames per second.

The additional excellent features is Guide Mode which guides the beginners about process of composing a photo by on-screen.At the end inclusion of ISO100-25,600 on 18-55mm VR kit lens helps capturing greature picture detail.

Overall D3400 gives fast performance, comfortable frame and stand-out price among other cameras of it’s kind D3400 is the best choice and worth paying.

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