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Top 9 Best YouTube Cameras Reviews

Looking for a Best camera for YouTube to record your daily vlog videos.

The key to make great videos is when you have a best vlogging camera.

While there are plethora of Best YouTube Cameras available it’s difficult to pick the top camcorder, that’s why we have crafted this list of great YouTube cameras.This list of YouTube Camera reviews contains cheap, affordable , best budget and best quality cameras.

Best Camera For YouTube

Without further ado let’s get into the best YouTube cameras.

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Inexpensive Cameras for YouTubers (under $500)

If you are beginner vlogger and are ready to invest in expensive gear, you have lot of options available to select.Either try some entry-level cameras, compact cameras, DSLR cameras depending upon your budget.Sometimes Try before you buy is a good option and this opportunity can be achieved by renting the cameras you like.

Let’s get into this reviews list go have a look deeper down to the features(change lenses,manual mode,flip screen, shoot in high arcs.) of these cameras.

1) Smartphone camera

Smarphone camera is the one that can help you anytime in photography because it’s available with you and many of us everytime.When it comes to mobile camera iPhone 6s and Samsung S5 are the best in the market and allows you to shoot 4k video with front camera but the resulution drop as soon as you flip it around.

Few things these cameras lack are resolution and low-light performance which sometimes make people prefer other cameras over these. But in few terms like always in hand, lightweight and tiny these cameras are best of their type.

2) GoPro Hero 4 Silver – Good camera for YouTube beginners

This small rugged and powerful little camera is your best companion while you are on adventure.It allows you to shoot video at 4k resolution and compact enough to fit in your pocket and shoot while on the go.GoPros are popular due to features like slow motion picture, adjustable frames per second and ability to change frame width.

For Travel vlogger this camera is excellent choice because it will allow you to shoot on the go.GoPro Hero 5 Silver is a recommended choice to make videos without worrying about busting you gear.Also it’s available in a reasonable price.

3) Canon Vixia HF R72

Canon Vixia HF R72 is a small portable camcorder and perfect choice for vloggers in the lifestyle and parenting niche.All the best features that are required by the vloggers are available in it and the unnecessary things they don’t need are not in it which makes it unique camera.Features like WiFi connectivity, image stabilizer, flip screen, 57x advanced zoom makes it one of the great camera for capturing quality videos for your channel or blog.

4) Logitech C930e – Best cheap camera for YouTube undre 200

This webcam let you attach it with your computer in order to capture 1080p30 videos easily.As webcams are not portable enough to shoot while on the go but for beginners they are somewhat best to start.But the recommendation of this camera is for those vlogger who makes videos mostly while sitting in front of their computer either for making tutorials or for gaming streams, this camera is their obvious demand.

Good Cameras for YouTube ($500 – $1,000)

Above was the list of cameras under 500, under 300 and under 200 but this list contains cameras under 1000 and so on.These cameras are preferred by professional vloggers who want higher performance and outstanding quality.These mid-range cameras run the gamut from the point and shoots to interchangeable lenses.These cameras are selected according to their best features like swivel screen to record yourself, manual settings for better control, external ports for microphone, fantastic image quality, and ability to shoot at 1080p or better.

1) Canon T6i – Best cameras for youtube beauty gurus

You can call it Rebel by Canon it’s the entry point for most of the people who start their DSLR photography, and has got pretty impressive video capabilities and getting one of the best go-to cameras for video bloggers.For beginner and intermediate videographers this crop sensor DSLR provides lot of power in an affordable and accessible camera.We recommend this camera for starting point vloggers due to features like flip screen, WiFi capabilities, 19 cross-type autofocus points and so on.This camera is recommended for beauty and lifestyle vloggers and you must have heard of MyLifeAsEva uses this same camera.Our editor’s say this is the best camera for YouTube in fantastic price.

2) Canon Powershot G7X

Due to it’s small size, incredible video quality and of the features Canon Powershot G7X is considered a best camera for vlogging. The downside of this camera is that it lacks low light capabilities but it’s sensor is larger than most of the cameras of its type and size which captures a lot of light and makes rich and clear images.Overall G7x is the top choice for everyone in vlogging.

3) DJI Osmo

If we talk about best action cam then DJI Osmo is the best one in the market.It’s capable to shoot at 4K and is small and rugged.The most impressive feature of Osmo is image stabilization which maintains the quality of image while you are moving and shooting with the camera.This one if the pretty impressive feature for vloggers who shoot while running while hiking, running through a town or remote and bumpy trails.Overall it’s best camera for youtube recording.

4) Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV

This tiny Vlogging camera called Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 is able to shoot at 4k resolution at 24,25, 30 fps and fps rate up to 1000, weighs only 10.5 ounces and compact enough to fit in your pockets easily.This camera is perfect choice for those consumers and vloggers who do shooting mostly away from the comfort of home or shoot along the ride.

5) Canon 70D

With the longest battery life capable to shot 920 pictures with one recharge as compared to a DSLR which average shots 894, user-friendly touchscreen and rock solid auto-focus system makes it top-notch and best dslr for vloggers.Capable to record full HD 1080p videos at 24,25 and 30 fps rates.Mostly adopted by the travel, lifestyle and beauty vloggers who are looknig for fantastic image quality in reasonable price.

Best Cameras for YouTube (over $1,000)

When it comes to make professional videos and YouTube career nothing is best then this list of excellent cameras.All these cameras take external mics offer stunning image and video quality, interchangeable lenses, fast and accurate autofocus.These features might take some time to learn but rewards will be worth the effort.These are the few best cameras that money can buy.

1) Sony Alpha a7RII

YouTube Camera Buying Guide

I hope you will find your answers for questions like What is the best YouTube camera, Where to get the best camera for YouTube and how much for the best YouTube camera.

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