The Best Camera Tripod for the Money in 2020!

Best Camera Tripod (Top 5!)

Finding the best tripod in the market can be quite challenging because not only there are lots of tripods to choose from but there are also different models with different purposes. If you are into photography or you plan on taking this as a hobby, you need to invest on a good and reliable tripod. The tripod will eliminate any possibility for blurred shots due to an unsteady hand which in turn will guarantee you get that perfect shot. To find the ideal tripod for you, you need to compare the leading tripods in the market and learn which of them actually meet your personal preferences.

Manfrotto 055XPROB Pro Tripod Legs

Manfrotto 055XPROB Pro TripodThe 055XPROB Pro Tripod Legs made the popular patented Manfrotto horizontal core column feature a lot easier than its previous models. By expanding the center column to its peak vertical position, it can be moved back and forth without having to remove the head or disassemble the column.

This makes it a lot easier for positioning or framing setups compared to other types of tripod legs without this feature. The design of the release mechanism on the leg angle as well as the fast action leg locks are significantly improved to provide better stability and added durability. Add this to one of the Best Cheap Vlogging Cameras and you’ll have an awesome setup!

The 055XPROB from Manfrotto comes with a 3/8″ attachment type and it also has one Bubble Spirit leveling system. This also features a rapid center column, three faceted column cross sections and a 28 mm column tube diameter. The leg angles variables can also be adjusted from 23 degrees to forty five, sixty five, and eighty eight degrees respectively. This tripod has a rounded leg cross section with leg tubes diameter of about 29.4 mm 25 mm and 20 mm. Thus is made from high quality aluminum to ensure lightweight properties are preserved without sacrificing stability. This tripod has a load capacity of up to 15.43 pounds.

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AGH Aluminum Tripod

Vanguard Alta ProThe new Vanguard Alta Pro is an aluminum tripod that features an innovative GH-100 Pistol Grip Ball Head. The Alta Pro’s overall design allows it to give photographers more angle options compared with other existing tripods. With its exclusive MACC system or Multi Angle Central Column, users can easily move the central column from 0 to 180 degree angles in changeable horizontal and vertical positions, perfect for the Sony A6500.

This also comes with an ISSL system ( Instant Swivel Stop and Lock) that securely reposition the center column on one simple and quick movement while being able to maintain the overall stability of the tripod. The column legs are also adjustable which can be adjusted from twenty five, fifty, and eight degree angles making it one of the perfect tripods even on uneven terrain.

Vanguard Alta Pro offers very stable foundation. This is built with a heavy duty but lightweight alum alloy legs with easy flip leg locks. This also comes with an exclusive die cast canopy made from magnesium as well as stable central column with hexagon shape. This also features a spiked, no slip rubber fit ideal for varying terrains as well as an integrated removable hook so you can easily hang the camera accessories.

Davis & Sanford PROVISTA7518XB Provista Tripod

Davis & Sanford PROVISTA7518XB Provista TripodThe Pro Vista 7518XB tripod from Davis and Sanford features an FM 18 Head perfect for studio, field, industrial, or education applications. This also features a top of the line double strut three sections tripod with flexible head that offers optimum stability. The seventy five millimeter claw ball level with 3/8 – 16 inches stud helps minimize camera vibration for a rock solid set up. For additional stability, the double strut upper leg section is made of two sections. The one has a ¾ inches diameter while the other section has 1 – ¼ diameter tubing. This is built of an auto aligning easy flip leg locks made from industrial grade metal for a quick setup.

This also comes with a middle level spreader designed to offer additional support to the overall stability of the tripod. Pro Vista’s rubber feet can stand up on any surface. The flat black anodized paint finish provides this tripod with a more classic but professional look which is included in the overall tripod assembly that comes in a well padded carrying bag. The head plate integrated a quick release system so users will be able to unmount their cameras with ease. This tripod can carry up to eighteen pounds of maximum load.

Gitzo G-Lock Tripod

Gitzo G-Lock Tripod The new Gitzo GT1542T camera tripod effectively combined the lightweight and compactness of Gitzo’s travel system with size and stability of a typical Mountaineer Series tripod. The unique carbon fiber construction made this new Gitzo tripod ultra-lightweight but maintained its durable features and stability. Because of its precision engineered construction, this Traveler Tripod is aimed for users who are willing to spend good money on a portable tripod that has all the features and heavy duty properties one can ever ask for a tripod.

This is one of the most compact and portable traveler tripods for professional. This is the perfect solution if you are looking for something that combines portability and lightweight features, pefect for those on the go with a vlogging camera. In order to achieve this, Gitzo designed a patented unique folding mechanism that removes unneeded space within the tripod support system. Compared to traditional tripod design, Gitzo’s GT1542T has an integrated head that is already fitted inside the tripod legs when folded. In the process, Gitzo was able to create the smallest open size folding tripod even with its number of sections. This is very easy to setup and you can carry it anywhere without straining yourself from the heavy weight. This has an overall weight of 2.2 lbs and a dimension of 20 x 4.2 x 4.2 inches.

Joby GorillaPod Focus

Joby GorillaPod Focus The Joby GP8-BHEN Gorilla Pod tripod comes with a ball head X bundle and is one of the smallest flexible mini tripod in the market today. Even with its small size, the GP8-BHEN has been designed to take on the weight of heavy cameras like the Sony a7R II. Currently, this model is biggest and strongest Gorilla Pod. This flexible but sturdy tripod has been build with factory machined alum sockets to ensure a secure of the camera can support up to eleven pounds or approximately five kilograms. Aside from its portability and adaptability to any surfaces, the GP8-BHEN is also more stable compared to other small tripods of its class.

It comes with unique legs so you can easily attach your cameras even to trees, flat fences, and railings among many others to ensure you get the best shot in crowded places or during low light. The integrated Joby ball head X for Gorilla Pod Focus means you can easily tilt, pan or rotate your camera without blurring the images. You can also easily find your best position if you want to capture perfect stills. This model comes with a universal camera mounting plate for easy setup and extraction so you can easily switch cameras without the need to disassemble everything.

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