Best vlogging camera under 100 Buying Guide

best vlogging camera under 100

Best vlogging camera under 100 Looking for a best vlogging camera under 100 ?

But don’t you think this much cheap camera will offer good features that a best vlogging camera should have.

Yes there some cameras that lack must to have features due to this cheaper price.But that doesn’t mean one cannot get a affordable camera within the budget with basic features to make great videos.

We have done that hard work for you and brought you some of the best vlogging cameras under 100, this list is crafted with hours of research and contains hones reviews of vlogging cameras.If you think $100 cannot bring you a best camera with quality then you might see this list of best vlogging cameras under 200 or under 300 if you budget allows you either way keep reading.

So enough talking let’s get into the list of cameras under 100

Best Vlogging Cameras under 100

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Featured Vlogging cameras under 100 reviews

Read these vlogging cameras under 100

1) Sony Cyber-Shot DSCW810

When we say the best cheap vogging camera with best feature then Sony Cyber-shot DSCW810 is the one which offers optical image stabilization which allows you to shoot while on the go.Even there are many cameras out there offering more features that are useful for vlogging but they lack incredibly important tool.

Similarly this camera also lacks articulating screen, WiFi connectivity yet one of the perfect cheap camera for vlogging channel.It’s made keeping in mind the optical image stabilization feature that let’s vloggers make videos walking around and recording with the camera.This is the only feature that which produces this kind of video viable.

You might have experienced a video recorded without image stabilization it gets shaky while walking and recording.This little camera makes the video very smooth.You viewers will definitely love the video in a stable mode.

This camera is capable to record at 720p maximum video quality and the battery life is 200 shots with one recharge.You might find this battery below average so a good option is to get an extra battery for your recording sessions.

Opticl image stabilization ia built-in moving part into the body of camera or lens which will compensate the movement while recording.But if you want other features and make videos on a tripod then checkout other cameras given below which suits you and which is best for the money.

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